Fiber Optic Light Up Toys *Made in USA*


Q: How does the BitWhip differ from Fiberflies?

A: Fiberflies are made from a cheap Chinese RGB LED flashlight. They are attaching fibers with a swivel to the flashlight, that's all. There are a handful of companies/individuals making the same product as FF, just with different product names.

We started out using the same flashlight, but had so many break we decided to make our own flashlight.

Our flashlight is threaded at the lens allowing the user to twist on any of our threaded products: BitWhips, Sabers, Costume Kits, ect.

Our flashlight is brighter and has 20 more modes than the FF. It also comes with 3 rechargeable batteries and a charger, while the FF come with 3 lithium ion batteries that you will need to replace.

Q: Will the Stellar Series Flashlights work with any battery?
A: Our products will only run off of the rechargeable 3.7 V AAA Li-Ion batteries that are included in each flashlight/sword handle purchase.

Q: How long is the battery life?
A: Single sided Flashlight: Approximately 1.5 hours/charge. Solid color modes will provide more battery life than strobing/blinking modes.

Double Sided Flashlight: Approximately 1 hour/charge. Solid color modes will provide more battery life than strobing/blinking modes.

Q: How do I change the battery in the Stellar Series Flashlight?
A: Click Here for instructions.

Q: How do I change the battery in my double sided Stellar Series Flashlight?
A: Remove the button and tilt one end of the flashlight down. The LED/Battery cartridge will slide out. There are two sides of the cartridge. Lightly pull the two parts of the cartridge apart.

Q: Will all of the accessories work with the Stellar Series Flashlight?
A: Yes, all of our accessories will twist-on the tops of the Stellar Series Flashlight which is threaded at the lens.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, the default international shipping option if you order through the site is USPS Priority Mail (6-10 business day estimated delivery). Please contact us if you would like to upgrade to USPS Express (3-5 business day estimated delivery).

Q: The Stellar Series Flashlight is stuck on one color?
A: This means your battery is low on life and needs to be recharged.

Q: Do all whips have the ability to change into different color modes?
A: Yes, all of our products are capable of 27 color modes.

Q: How do I clean the fibers on my BitWhip?

A: We recommend using any non-abrasive soap, namely, "Dr. Bronner's Dish Soap".