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Sol Saberô Accessory

Sol Saberô Accessory

Price: $39.95


Sol Saberô Accessory
This is the product page for the Sol Saberô twist-on accessory. To make this accessory light up you will need a Stellar Series Flashlight. The Sol Saberô is a twist-on accessory for our Stellar Series Flashlights. This Saber is made from a solid fiber optic cable that glows from the sides and lights up a 2 foot long blade. 
The Sol Saberô is much heavier than the Stardust Saberô accessory. 
 Ants on a Melon, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on all Saber accessories.
The Sol Saberô is a fiber optic light saber. This fiber optic light saber displays all of the colors from the RGB LED Flashlight.
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