Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: You can find our warranty policy online here.

Q: Will any AAA battery work with my flashilght?

A: Our products will only operate with the rechargeable 3.7 V AAA Li-Ion batteries that are included with each order that includes a flashlight. You can order batteries separately here.

Q: How long does each battery last?
A: Single sided Flashlight: Approximately 1.5 hours/charge. Solid color modes will provide more battery life than strobing/blinking modes.

Double Sided Flashlight: Approximately 1 hour/charge. Solid color modes will provide more battery life than strobing/blinking modes.

Q: How do I change the battery in my flashlight?
A: Click here for instructions.

Q: What color modes do your products feature? How do I navigate the color modes?


Q: I have tried charging all of my batteries and the flashlight is still stuck on solid Red and the flashlight won't work.

A: A few possible outcomes:

    1. When you insert the battery into the charger, what color does the light on the charger show?

It should show Red for an uncharged battery. If the light on the charger shows Green when you know you are trying to charge an uncharged battery, there is probably some misconnection between the battery and the charger.

Try inserting the battery into the charger and rotating the battery until the light on the charger shows the color Red- This means the battery is charging. Each battery will take around one hour to charge. The light on the charger will blink Red until it is fully charged, at which point the light on the charger will show solid Green.

2. Your batteries may no longer hold a charge and you need to order new batteries. These lithium-ion batteries are rated for 200-300 lifetime charges. Handling techniques will greatly increase or decrease the life of your battery. Click here to read about recommended handling techniques for lithium ion batteries.

Q: How do I prolong the life of my Lithium-Ion Batteries?

A: Quoted from BatteryUniversity.com:

"Simple Guidelines to Prolong Lithium-ion Batteries

  • Do not discharge Li-ion too low; charge more often. A random or partial charge is fine. Li-ion does not need to be fully full charged as with lead acid.
  • Heat the battery to room temperature before charging. Do not charge below freezing.
  • Limit the time the battery resides at 4.2V/cell (full charge), especially when warm.
  • Moderate the charge current to between 0.5C and 0.8C for cobalt-blended lithium-ion. Avoid ultra-fast charging and harsh loading.
  • When possible, lower the charge voltage limit to prolong battery life.
  • Keep the battery cool. Move it away from heat-generating environments. Avoid hot cars and windowsills that are exposed to the sun.
  • It is not necessary to unplug the laptop from the power grid when not in use. The charger stops charging when the battery is fully charged.
  • When the SoC fuel gauge becomes inaccurate, calibrate smart batteries by applying a deliberate full discharge and charge.
  • Add some charge before a long storage. The charge level is not as critical as cool storage."

Q: Will all Ants on a Melon fiber optic accessories twist into my flashlight?

A: Yes, all of our accessories are universally interchangeable.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, please order directly through the site.

Q: My flashlight is stuck on Red and it won't work.
A: This means your battery is low on life and needs to be recharged. You can find the battery replace instructions here.

Q: Do all whips have the ability to change into different color modes?
A: Yes, all of our products are capable of 27 color modes. You can find the color mode options and instructions here.

Q: How do I clean and care for the fibers on my BitWhip?