Double Sided BitWhip

Double Sided BitWhip

Price: $159.95 USD

Double Sided BitWhip

The Double Sided BitWhip® manifests as a flurry of shifting and changing colors resembling a magical jellyfish. The fiber optic cords vary in length, creating an image of depth and surrealism. All of our whips display 27 color modes. This is a twist-on accessory for our Color Changing Flashlights (included in this package). 

Double Sided BitWhip Package Features: 
*Lifetime Warranty.
*Made in USA. 
*(1) 27 Color Mode Double Sided Flashlight.
*Durable Metal Flashlight Body.
*(2) 6 Ft. BitWhip twist-on accessories of your choice (12 feet total). 
*Powered by 1 AAA rechargeable Li-Ion battery (3 included). 
*Each battery will provide approximately 1 hour of continuous use.
*Battery charger included.

BitWhip Options (see videos below):
ORBIT: 120 end glow fiber optic cables within a 360° swivel (rotating) bearing. The fibers will rotate while you play.
TRIFECTA: 150 end glow fiber optic cables separated into three fiber optic bundles. The three groups of fiber optics will stay separate while you play.
GALAXY 2.0: 360 end glow fiber optic cables in one huge bundle.

Extra Accessory Option:
Crystal Sol Saber 6 Inch: Twist-on accessory. Shortened version of our Sol Saber plus an upgraded crystal top.





This product is intended for ages 13 and up. Please do not use BitWhips while impaired. Fibers can cause injury if used at high speeds. Don't use this product for purposes for which it was not intended. Wear proper eye protection at all times. Maintain safe distances from others while using this product.

The BitWhip® Fiber Optic Whip manifests as a flurry of shifting and changing colors resembling a magical jellyfish. The fiber optic cords vary in length, creating an image of depth and surrealism. All of our whips display 27

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Too good!
Thanks so much for the niftiest glow toy on the planet! My double sided space lace is rockin my world along with anyone who witnesses its flashy candy tripped out dance. Serious high fives!
This is the best glow toy around with incredible customer service.
Reviewed Sun, Sep 15 2013 7:55 pm by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Double Sided Awesome!
This is the coolest flow toy I've every played with! It flows almost intuitively as soon as you pick it up, and sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own with the way the two whips twist and curl around each other.
Reviewed Tue, May 21 2013 4:20 pm by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
No one beats the product or vendor!
Seriously. Best whip out there. I've seen a few others in action at different fests and nothing beats Ants quality. Plus they are super friendly, helpful, and provide quick and prompt responses to questions or issues with their products if they happen to arise. I would highly recommend!
Reviewed Mon, Sep 02 2013 5:47 pm by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Look Ma' BOTH Hands!
I didn't think anything was cooler than my Double Sided Space Lace... Until I got a second one, and OMG! the effect is breathtaking!

I ordered Stardust Saber accessories as well, so just for fun screwed a Saber on one end, and a whip on the other. I guess it's like a Space Lace "Flail" and it has a flow all it's own. I'm just blown away by the versatility of this toy.
Reviewed Sun, Sep 15 2013 8:13 pm by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Best. Whip. Ever.
"I looked for a whip like this for ages. When I spin, I spin hard. People would pass me similar toys and I could tell right away that if I just let loose, they would come apart in my hands. The Double-Sided Space Lace is beautifully made, and has held up and performed in spectacular form through multiple serious outings at major festivals, weekend-long retreats, or even just being whipped about in my own backyard, and has been used by kids, adults, friends, strangers, you name it. I can comfortably share the whip with anyone who wants to try it, knowing it will hold up to any and all use. Definitely the best of its kind!! And for added good measure, the Ants on a Melon Owner is truly a kind and gentle being who hopes his product will spread a bit of happy. Believe me, it does!!"
Reviewed Thu, Oct 03 2013 8:30 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
I'm still glowing from happiness!
Ants On A Melon have brought this not only sturdy/durable light toy to your beautiful people BUT has come up with one of the most beautiful flowing objects around! I LOVE my double sided space lace, I also own a one sided as well! The beauty this toy produces is worth every penny and not only that but the rewarding compliments! This product is highly recommended by me! I am complete with my space lace in hand! I cannot thank Ants On A Melon enough, please support this company and their art! Much love!
Reviewed Sun, Apr 27 2014 10:17 pm by
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