Contact Saber

Contact Saber

Price: $159.95 USD

Contact Saber

Our Contact Saber is comprised of our Double Sided Color Changing Flashlight (6 inches), Stardust Saber (24 inches) and a short version of the Sol Saber which has a crystal head (6 inches).

Our flashlight is capable of 27 color modes and is threaded at the lens allowing the user to twist-on a number of fiber optic accessories including the popular BitWhip Fiber Optic Whip. Perform with confidence as this product is nearly indestructible and comes with Ants on a Melon's Lifetime Warranty
 As for any Ants on a Melon product, feel free to customize any of the Saber lengths, flashlight body color or length/type of fiber optics used. 

Contact Saber Features:
*Lifetime Warranty.
*Made in USA. 
*(1) 27 Color Mode Double Sided Flashlight.
*(1) 6 Inch Crystal Ended Sol Saber.
*(1) 24 Inch Stardust Saber.
*Powered By 1 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (3 Included).
-Each Battery Will Provide Approximately 1.5 Hours Of Continuous Use.
*Battery Charger Included.

Stardust Saber Color Modes

Sol Saber Color Modes

Battery Replace Instructions

Contact Saber Demo Feat. Spades

Contact Saber Video Feat. Spades

Ants on a Melon's Contact Saber is comprised of our Double Sided Color Changing Flashlight (6 inches), Stardust Saber (24 inches) and a short version of the Sol Saber which has a crystal head (6 inches).

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Performance Cane

I absolutely LOVE this prop! It is my go-to choice every time I'm doing an LED show, and fantastic to simply walk around with! It classes up any outfit or costume and draws as much or as little attention as you want. Alot of times I will walk around parties with it off as a simple cane, then turn it on and bust out some tricks for my friends. The balance point is smaller than the contact sword, but once you get used to it you can do any contact move just the same. My favorite Ants On A Melon product!

Reviewed Thu, Jan 08 2015 5:59 pm by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
performance cane

A great LED prop! I got one for my birthday, and since I lived near by, they met up with me so that there was no shipping cost, and they even did it of off business hours! They had great customer service, and were very kind. The cane itself is amazing, it has very bright colors, is weighted well, and even though I am awful with treating my props nicely, the LEDs have never given out on me! I loved it so much, I got another! Would totally recommend. :D

Reviewed Fri, Mar 13 2015 2:15 pm by
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